Thursday, 18 March 2010

Coming Soon: City of the Living Dead (R2/UK BD) in May

Fulci classic City of the Living Dead will be released on two-disc DVD (£17.99) and single-disc Blu-ray (£22.99). The full list of extras is as follows:
  • Newly recorded audio commentary by actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice
  • Audio commentary by actress Catriona MacColl and author Jay Slater
  • Introduction to the film by star Carlo De Mejo
  • ‘Carlo Of The Living Dead featurette
  • ‘The Many Lives And Deaths Of Giovanni Lombardo Radice’ featurette
  • ‘Dame Of The Dead’ featurette
  • ‘Fulci’s Daughter: Memories Of The Italian Gore Maestro’ featurette
  • ‘Penning Some Paura’ featurette
  • ‘Profondo Luigi: A Colleague’s Memories Of Lucio Fulci’ featurette
  • Catriona MacCall and Giovanni Lombardo Radice Q&A session at the Glasgow Film Theatre
  • ‘Fulci In The House – The Italian Master Of Splatter’ featurette.

UK exclusive features directed by Calum Waddell and edited and produced by Naomi Holwill with associate producer Nick Frame.

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