Thursday, 18 March 2010

Avoid: Survival Of The Dead (2009)

Couple of days ago a friend asked me if this was any good. I stopped, brain frozen, a simple NO just doesn't do this one justice. I eventually replied it's bloodyfuckingawful. So disheartened am I by this epic turkey I can't even face doing a full review so I'm just making a few comments.

I once read that Stephen King's rambling overlong novels stem from the fact that editors are pretty much scared to edit him these days, he is after all a ridiculously successful author. Has something similar happened to George A. Romero perhaps? Why wasn't this script thrown out the minute it mentioned two Irish families squabbling over how to treat the undead on their little island. Or a zombie girl riding a horse. What's with the terrible acting? Cheap local Canadian casting I guess but come on - this is a Romero zombie flick! They might've had trouble recruiting A-list Hollywood talent but you're telling me genre stalwarts like Tony Todd and Jeffrey Coombs weren't on standby just begging for a part in this?

Besides a handful of inventive CG gore effects this one is truly worthless. As for the knowing attempts at humour, pah! Go rent Zombieland again. On the upside at least this one makes Diary Of The Dead and particularly Land Of The Dead seem like masterpiece's in retrospect.

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