Tuesday, 9 February 2010

3 Good Little B-Movie Flicks

In the sea of shit that I watch on a monthly basis I was shocked to find 3 actually quite good little B-movie films this last week.

Firstly Triangle (from director Christopher Smith of Creep & Severance) stars Melissa George and a bunch of unknowns. It's essentially a hybrid of the Spanish thriller Timecrimes and 80's classic Death Ship, but it's fun and Melissa wears hot pants throughout to make her gurning incredulous looks more bearable.

Then there's Give 'em Hell, Malone! (from Russell Highlander Mulcahy) which is a comic book style noir actioner, a toned down Sin City if you like with shades of the recent Punisher War Zone, it even features Doug Hutchison as a psycho pyromaniac called Matchstick. Ving Rhames as Boulder and an unhinged Asian knife chick that likes to suck on lollipops and cut off dudes dangly bits.

And just a couple nights ago I watched Joel Schumacher's latest - Blood Creek. Prison Break's Lincoln Burrows wants revenge on the Nazi occult experimenters that kidnapped him and held him prisoner for 2 years. He's gonna be facing a bloodsucking Nazi demon, a zombie horse, a zombie dog and a couple of, well, regular zombies. Again it's b-movie horror fare but fun!

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