Friday, 16 April 2010

Another 3 Good Little B-Movie Flicks

Dredging the canal of shit that is the steady stream of new b-movies and coming up with the best floaters so you don't have to get your hands dirty!

First up Salvage (2009) stars Neve McIntosh and Shaun Dooley. Claustrophobic horror/thriller filmed entirely in the disused sets of CH4's ex-soap Brookside! At about 75 mins it's short enough so it doesn't outstay it's welcome.

Next; Evil Angel (2009) starring Ving Rhames. Poorly acted, stupid as fuck and totally addictive post-pub fodder instant classic as we follow a demonically possessed evil bitch out for vengeance!

And finally: Defendor (2009) Woody Harrelson essays a (possibly) mentally ill social misfit that thinks he's a superhero. Unfortunately timed to coincide with the completely different soon to be mega-blockbuster Kick Ass, this great little indie flick is likely to go completely unnoticed - I fucking loved this one!

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