Sunday, 25 July 2010

A few more little B-movie floaters

Dredging the canal of shit that is the steady stream of new b-movies every few months and coming up with the best floaters so you don't have to get your hands dirty! ......and yes there's another Ving Rhames flick...

First up After.Life (2010) stars Liam (I'll give it a go) Neeson and Christina (daddy issues) Ricci. Weird little coffin-dodger flick that will entice necrophiliacs but ultimately leave them frustrated and shouting; "Dammit bitch you're supposed to be dead, just shut up and lie still!" at the small screen. Ricci is perfectly cast given her current corpse/wraith-like appearance and apparent self-imposed contractual stipulation that she get to spend most of her time on screen buck-ass-nekkid.

Next; Operation Endgame (2010). A foul-mouthed, funny little fucker of an assassin vs assassin slaughterfest set in an underground bunker. If you've ever yearned to see Claire from Lost beat Ving Rhames to death with a chair leg or Ellen Barkin go apeshit with a flaming putter then this one's for you!

And finally: Afterschool (2008) an indie flick starring nobody you've ever heard of. Glacially paced, documentary-like, offbeat, hypnotic, scary as shit little trip into the minds of the youtube generation. The end of the world is nigh....

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